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SITFIT posture

"I no longer put my cold feet on my husband at night!!!! He and I are thrilled with these slippers."
- PT, Toronto

"New England winters are cold. Actually, freezing! These slippers got me through till spring!"
- DP, Boston

"I suffer from Raynaud’s Disease and these slippers are lifesavers. I wear them to bed eight months of the year. Thanks."
- CA, Burnaby

"I’ve tried different products and really like the style and warmth of these."
- RG, Calgary

"I am a man, and don’t care to wear fluffy, cutsey slippers. Thanks for making warm slippers that I can wear when people come over and not be embarrassed."
- GD, Vancouver

Microwave is a website built by Razor’s Edge Marketing. Razor’s Edge is the leading Sissel dealer in North America. The company is run by Robert Zalaudek, an entrepreneur committed to promoting unique and beneficial heath and fitness products for the benefit of others. Assisting Robert is Carolyn Anderson – a certified personal trainer who is committed to people’s fitness, health and wellness.

About Sissel

Sissel is a global company and pioneer in the development of the orthopaedic pillow. With the success of their pillow line, other products followed and today Sissel has a range of superior health care, fitness and wellness products.Their products have been available in Europe since 1990. To date over 500,000 medical and fitness professionals recommend Sissel® products worldwide.

About Razor’s Edge Marketing

Razor’s Edge was formed in 2004. The company began a relationship with Sissel in 2007 and has since become the leading Sissel dealer in North America. Razor’s Edge is best known for bringing the Sissel Sitfit to individuals and corporations. The Sitfit is a pillow of air that when placed on any chair provides the same benefits as sitting on a yoga ball but is much smaller, safer and more discrete.

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