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SITFIT posture

"I no longer put my cold feet on my husband at night!!!! He and I are thrilled with these slippers."
- PT, Toronto

"New England winters are cold. Actually, freezing! These slippers got me through till spring!"
- DP, Boston

"I suffer from Raynaud’s Disease and these slippers are lifesavers. I wear them to bed eight months of the year. Thanks."
- CA, Burnaby

"I’ve tried different products and really like the style and warmth of these."
- RG, Calgary

"I am a man, and don’t care to wear fluffy, cutsey slippers. Thanks for making warm slippers that I can wear when people come over and not be embarrassed."
- GD, Vancouver

For those who suffer from circulatory issues due to Raynaud’s, diabetes or some other neuropathy, cold feet can often result. My wife’s Raynaud’s Syndrome led her to create a time-consuming and elaborate routine of warming up her body before going to bed. Her Sissel microwave slippers have changed all that and have positively impacted her comfort, quantity and quality of sleep. The following piece describes the difference Sissel’s microwave slippers have made for her – in her own words.

Some people are simply warm-blooded. My husband, Robert, bikes in shorts nearly all year round. I, on the other hand, wear five layers when sitting indoors! Although I am a personal trainer, active and cardio-vascularly fit, I have trouble keeping warm. Sometimes this is due to my Raynaud’s Syndrome. When I feel a bit chilly, my body reduces circulation to the extremities – to the fingers and toes. One by one, my digits get a little numb, quite cold, and white. It takes a long time for me to warm up.

If I go to bed feeling cold, my chances of becoming snug and warm – or of falling asleep – are nil. It is also no fun for a bed-partner to snuggle up to an iceberg. Thus, I used to take either a hot shower before bed – or sit on the bathroom counter and put my feet in a sink full of warm water. The latter option was perfectly ridiculous – but when you have really cold feet, you’ll try anything!!

This was life before my Sissel Linum Relax microwave slippers. Now – part of my nighttime routine is to put my slippers in the microwave for 90 seconds, then hop into bed and put them on under the covers. (This is incentive for me to actually get into bed, rather than doing one more thing, and one more thing, for half an hour.) As my feet warm up, I can easily kick them off.

It takes a little experimenting to see how many seconds is just right, in YOUR microwave. All microwaves are different, and your feet may be more or less sensitive to heat.

Once you have the slippers the right temperature for you, there is no danger of sustaining a burn, as the heat from the slippers dissipates. In contast, I had tried sleeping with an electric pad many years ago, and woke up with a blister and burn.

If you also experience Raynaud’s Syndrome or simply poor circulation due to diabetes or some other neuropathy — I hope you will try these slippers. Instead of spending time trying to warm my body up I simply warm up my Sissel microwave slippers and they do the rest. These microwave slippers have made going to bed something to look forward to – a pleasant experience – and because of this I fall asleep faster and sleep better.

Give yourself or someone you know the loving gift of warmth and comfort.