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SITFIT posture

"I no longer put my cold feet on my husband at night!!!! He and I are thrilled with these slippers."
- PT, Toronto

"New England winters are cold. Actually, freezing! These slippers got me through till spring!"
- DP, Boston

"I suffer from Raynaud’s Disease and these slippers are lifesavers. I wear them to bed eight months of the year. Thanks."
- CA, Burnaby

"I’ve tried different products and really like the style and warmth of these."
- RG, Calgary

"I am a man, and don’t care to wear fluffy, cutsey slippers. Thanks for making warm slippers that I can wear when people come over and not be embarrassed."
- GD, Vancouver


Why Linseeds? (Flax)

Linseed, also known as flax, like other grains retains heat well. When heated in the microwave or in your stove. The warmth continues to radiate for up to two hours. Linseeds have been used, in various forms, in wellness in Europe for centuries.

Constant & Even Warmth

These microwave slippers are designed with 20 separate heat zones to ensure that the seeds don't move or bunch up in a few spots thereby ensuring constant and even warmth.

Easy Slip-on/Slip-off Design

These microwave slippers are like sleeping bags for your feet. You simply heat them in the microwave and slip them on for instant warmth. If you wear them to bed, you can also easily slip them off once you're nicely tucked in and warm.

The Natural Slipper

Europeans have always been at the forefront of natural and plant-based solutions in wellness - at least in the western world. If you are looking for a natural for cold feet, then Sissel's Linum Relax may be for you. Made with linseed filler and a cotton cover.

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