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SITFIT posture

"I no longer put my cold feet on my husband at night!!!! He and I are thrilled with these slippers."
- PT, Toronto

"New England winters are cold. Actually, freezing! These slippers got me through till spring!"
- DP, Boston

"I suffer from Raynaud’s Disease and these slippers are lifesavers. I wear them to bed eight months of the year. Thanks."
- CA, Burnaby

"I’ve tried different products and really like the style and warmth of these."
- RG, Calgary

"I am a man, and don’t care to wear fluffy, cutsey slippers. Thanks for making warm slippers that I can wear when people come over and not be embarrassed."
- GD, Vancouver

Use and Care

Microwave Instructions

Microwaves come in various sizes and various levels of power from 400 watts to 2000 watts. 1 minute at 2000 watts will be far hotter than 1 minute at 400 watts. Experiment with times and power levels between 1-4 minutes.


  • Slippers will be hot! Until you know how long YOUR microwave takes to heat your slippers, be careful. (See further instructions below)
  • Keep hot slippers out of reach of young children
  • Before heating your microwave slippers check inside to ensure that no foreign object, particularly anything metallic, has accidentally made its way inside
  • Allow your microwave slippers to return to room temperature before heating them up again

Test Temperature Before Use

Wait 10-15 seconds after the timer has gone off before taking your microwave slippers out of the microwave. Before putting your feet in the slippers test the temperature with your hand. This is particularly important for those with reduced sensitivity to heat due to injury or medical condition.

Caring for Your Slippers

Putting your slippers in the oven should kill any bacteria or germs.

Cleaning the Outside
Never put your microwave slippers in the washing machine or immerse them completely in water. Simply use a damp cloth to remove surface dirt.
Consider wearing socks while using your microwave slippers to extend their life and keep them clean.

Scents and Oils
Using a few drops of your favourite scents or essential oils can enhance your experience and enjoyment of your microwave slippers. We suggest that you apply the essence on the inside of the slipper where it can't be seen. Depending on what you use, the oil could stain the fabric.